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Cannot take anti thiyroid Meds


Can anyone on here government me some advice on anti thiyroid Meds I have been in hospital now for 5 days because my body is rejecting the anti thiyroid Meds..been on carbimazole rushed to hospital in Oct last year taken off meds dr and endo left me for 6 weeks no Meds. ..then in Dec doc gave me ptu tried my hardest to get this medicine in to me but my side affects on both Meds are server sickness.weakness mostly the sickness I am now bed bound in hospital after having a toxic thiyroid storm they passed with the Meds with anti sickness intravenous seemed to work for 2 day's. .then they took me off anti sickness intravenous and gave me tablet form that's when it all went backwards again. .server fatigue..I'm still waiting to see a endo...I think these docs have no idear what to do..

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Hi Birkie. You have been having a terrible time for a long time now.

Did they give you a reason for taking you off the intravenous anti-sickness with antithyroid meds and putting you back on the tablets? Are they responding to the fact you can’t keep the tablets down?

Seems to me you will only be able to take them intravenously or with an anti-emetic. Can’t understand why they haven’t realised this.

I’m so sorry you are still in such a bad way. 🤸🏿‍♀️

birkie in reply to MissGrace

Same old story...need the bed...they put me on 400mg per day PTU with anti sickness in vein was doing ok day 2 same 400mg anti sickness in vein..then because I was responding..eating and keeping liquids down they took me off I was on 400mg PTU 2 anti sickness tablets bang back to the start..eventho I told all the dr,consultants ect the problem is the anti thiyroid meds no one listened..the anti thiyroid meds have irritated my stomach and bowl..they are swollen and tender and bloated..been in my hospital 5 days not seen one consultant for my's a very poor situation everyone else had consultant visits to the ward...I'm also waiting on bloods and a scan and urine test no one has told me what the results were....and its the weekend so it's a slow go her......great....😡😡😡

birkie in reply to MissGrace

Can I ask you ...could I be on intravenous sickness until my t3 comes down its 29.2 now would that be possible if they put me back on intro and it worked would that be allowed...I'm so lost..😭😭😭😭

MissGrace in reply to birkie

I can’t answer that as I have no medical training. I would ask the endo why you can’t be on that until you are stabilised though and until they work out a tolerable alternative for you. Do you have anyone who can be with you and help you argue your case. It is hard to go through such an awful illness alone. x🤸🏿‍♀️

birkie in reply to MissGrace

No on my own..but I already had overactive parathiyroid glands in2004 so I have read up on all thiyroid illnesses ,,I'm just miffed the meds don't agree with me,,👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

Treepie in reply to birkie

See if the PALS service can help.

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