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is there a simple guide to explain thyroid disease to a layman?


My sister is 32 and has been hypothyroidism since she was 20. Mum also and brother since teens.

She has not been well at all recently with muscle weakness, costochondrits (so bad she was in hospital,with suspected PE) low mood at gain and anaemia.

Her last bloods show TSH is 7.98 and T4 is 14.5 so her thyroxine has been increased to 225 ... She has never seen an end (even during pregnancy) and I want to help her understand it better and help her ask for what she needs.

If necessary she could pay for private bloods/ consult but if she is able to get better care on the the nhs by being able to advocate for herself then that's obviously better in longterm. I was going to write a list of things to ask the doctor and tests to request but thought maybe there is one floating around on here?

Thanks for any advice you can give - (she lives in North East Yorkshire if it is relevant)

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Readng the website of this Forum provides lots of information ... hopefully it helps 😊

Hi Mirren may be she has conversion issues or perhaps some other underlying condition like celiac disease or adrenal insufficiency. I was hyperthyroid and had muscle weakness due to adrenal insufficiency and various food allergies. I am still not a 100% but trying to get there slowly with diet changes and proper medication. Sorry I forgot to mention I became hypo afterwards as I had a partial lobectomy to remove a nodule which was keeping me hyper. Ever since then I had problems with my iron and B12 levels you should make sure your sisters iron, b12, ferritin and vitamin D are all optimal and not just in range. Please also see that her free t3 levels are also optimal as they will help her feel a lot better specially in case she is not converting t4 to t3. Hope it helps let me know if you want to know anything else.

Here's a link by Dr Sarah Myhill who treats those with CFS/ ME and Fibromyalgia .. the majority of whom are also hypothyroid (often sub-clinical). Her recommendations aren't a bad place to start. I'd print her page off to show to your sister (and just look at her website at your leisure) and also look at websites like hypothyroidmom which can be interesting too, but probably more subjective.

I'm currently reading Dr. Peatfield's book, on an e-reader because it was quicker and cheaper. He's very thorough and has easy to understand explanations etc. Might be worth a buy.

Please check out Shaws' latest post on Fibromyalgia with the link to Dr Mercola's work - it's really interesting and may help your sister.

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