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Best time of day to take Vitamin B Complex?

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I'm hypo, with Hashi's, and have been supplementing for almost a year based on the helpful advice from everyone on this site. Approximately 2 months ago I went gluten-free.

After my last Medichecks test in November 2018 I was advised (by this site) to add B Complex to my supplements, so I started on Thorne B Complex in mid-November.

I take my 150mcg of Levo in the night when I inevitably get up for the bathroom. This can be any time between 02.30 and 07.00.

I take all my supplements after my evening meal - at about 8.00pm.

But I have just read that B Complex ought to be taken first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, just before breakfast. Is that right? I didn't think supplements were supposed to be taken on an empty stomach?

Further Googling produced different opinions - so obviously I had to come to you experts! :-)

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hello mate. im no expert at all, but i have read multiple times that b12 is best absorbed on an empty stomach. so probably any time of the day where it is empty is ideal

Hello. Thanks for your reply. I'm going to go with breakfast time. Nick.

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It's recommended to take B vitamins in the morning as they can be stimulating, some people find if they take them later in the day it can affect their sleep. I take mine at breakfast time, Vit D usually at lunch time, others at tea time.

Often, supplements are recommended to be taken with food because they can cause upset tummy and taking with food can avoid that. Some of us can take them on an empty stomach with no problems. I've read that iron is better absorbed on an empty stomach but iron is one of those supplements that is known to cause upset tummy with some people so they would need to take them with food.

I take Thorne Basic B and on the bottle there is no recommendation to take with or without food, it just says "as directed by your practioner". I can take coated tablets with no problem, but I find capsules can get "stuck" so I take mine just as I am about to eat breakfast, or after a few mouthfuls, so that the food helps it go down. 1 x Thorne Basic B keeps my folate level mid-range and both my serum B12 and Active B12 are good and maintained by the B12 in the Thorne Basic B.

Thank you, Susie. I'm sure it was you that recommended the Thorne Basic B to me in the first place. I'm pleased to see they work for you. I'll be doing another Medichecks Ultra Vit test in a month or so, so fingers crossed they work for me as well. In the meantime, I think I'll take them when you do, at breakfast, as I could do with some "stimulation" to keep me going through the day!! Nick.

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