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leaving slimmining world

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since consultant left last year we have been messed about

that was bad enough as we didnt get the support and care we were paying for

to top it all off monday 6.40'ish there was a message left on our group page saying there would be no group as they couldnt find anyone to stand in, i tagged friends letting them know and text a friend who dont have facebook

6 people i know of turned up to a closed group

i have sent two emails to slimming world complaining and asking for a refund on my countdown

my son (old consultant) messaged me yesterday after having a few things to say about slimming world asking if i wanted to join WW

i went along to group with him last night and took advantage of the 50% off and joined

i had a 1/2 lb gain over the new year

if i dont get refund from SW i will go to group as normal and if the team leader happens to take group and says anything i will rip into her as she promised group would be run everyweek i have payed for group so i will go

i will train someone to do weigh, they will have to sort someone to do pay as my daughter has been doing that

it will be hard leaving as i have made some really good friends and will miss them all

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he was a consultant for almost 3 years and a dam good one

slimming world run him into the ground (i know this because hes my son)

he was paying out of his pocket sometimes and had to run group even when he was sick

it took its toll and he went under

leaving has made him so happy

SW works as im at my 4 stone award so hoping WW gives me the same results

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