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repeat blood tests

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Thyroid UK kindly advised me to request a fasting,early morning TFT.

The original TFT on 25.10.18 was 4.73 Range 0.34-5.60.

On 14.12.18 it was 7.73 and Se thyroid peroxidase and transglutaminase were negative.

The GP started me on Levthyroxine 50mcg Teva oral solution, as I had headaches previously with the tablets containing Mag Stearate.

I do feel much better and look forward to my next blood test, when I hope to also see an improvement in my cholesterol of 8.5.

I am extremely grateful for all your advice.

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Good news is so nice to hear. Is your next test after 6-8 weeks on 50 to increase dose if required?

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muddledme in reply to fibrolinda

I think it will probably all depend on the results in February

That test was NOT a TFT (thyroid function test) It was just a TSH test, which is pretty useless. However, it was successful in getting you treated. You need a full test in 6-8 weeks (fasting etc again). Do not take levo for 24 hours before test. Then you should be given a 25mcg increase until symptoms have gone, TSH is under 1 and free T4 and free T3 are in the top part of their ranges. Take care

Yes, thank you I meant TSH . Thank you for reminding me to stop levo for 24hrs before the test and all the other advice

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