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Back on anti thiyroid drugs

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After over 7days of trying to see my GP I finally got to see another GP in my surgery..after 13 weeks of my first blood test I asked why I had not been asked to come in for any further blood tests I thought you had to have re blood tests every 6,8 weeks..any way I got re tested my T3 as gone from 24.2 to 28.4 i will get a print out after the hols..the GP I saw has requested I go back on PTU with anti sickness drugs to get my T3 down so my endo can radiate my thiyroid😱 this point I'm afraid I got rather angry with the GP..I told him first you don't really know what I have,,graves or hashis ect...she could be otherwise killing a healthy thiyroid,as far as I'm awear the surgery as not done anti body bloods!!. I am willing to try the PTU again with anti sickness drugs to get my T3 down but I'm not letting my endo do anything with my thiyroid until I know what I have,since being diagnosed with hyperthiyroidism I now see that most gps endos don't really have the knowledge of how the thiyroid really works and what it dose for the body I'm afraid my impression of these professionals is either take drugs or radiate it or just rip it out without looking deeper in to the illness I think if the thiyroid is healthy and your going overactive because you are attacking it due to your anti body's it should not be radiated or ripped out because the problem will still remain...but try telling your endo or GP this it's frustrating to say the least. The GP I saw didn't know what I ment by the body attaking the thiyroid..I had to explain it to him..I would like his wage for the information I gave doesn't fill me with much confidence in the surgery or the endo..😡😡😡

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Hi Birkie. Happy Christmas. I’m glad you have at least been seen and given something to help. You are right not to leap into rai treatment until you have been thoroughly checked out and have a full understanding of all your options and the long term advantages and disadvantages. There are people on here who have experienced the different treatments who will be able to advise. The theme of rubbish GPs and endos is a dominant one on the forum I’m afraid. That’s why we have to arm ourselves with as much knowledge and understanding as we can. x

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Thank you so much for your lovely reply and happy Christmas to..yes I will be weighing up all my options and posting on here with my up dates thanks again to all on here..🎄🎄🎄

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