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Compliments, and reluctantly signing off:

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Hi T UK, I have not been in touch with you for some time. I have other problems which have been more pressing, namely the return of abdominal tumors from last year when I had surgery for a blockage. I was very tired, and refused the one chemo th. they offered me which never was tracked for people beyond age 70. (I am 85 yrs) You were a great help to me before that when I was trying to get a Doc. who would Rx Armour thyroid, just by telling how you persisted in getting what you needed, no matter what!! Your forum has become too complicated for my minimal computer skills it seems, so all are much more skilled than I am. I guess I want to thank you for your support and just being there growing your organization. A while back, I heard a group speaking before the Scottish parliament about training of doctors in proper treatment of thyroid disorders, before they are let loose on the public. Right on. I wish I could follow more regularly, but I do not seem to be able to master the new system as I mentioned.

Best to all of you. Love and good wishes for Christmas and the coming year. VTUI

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I'm so very sorry to hear of your recent problems with returning tumours and hope you find some comfort and solace around you with family and friends

Your post brought a tear to my eye as this community has been so supportive and it is a shame you feel you cannot participate any longer due to the difficulties accessing the forum.

I would urge you to continue to log into the forum if you do wish to do so and hopefully in time you will become more familiar with it.

Or maybe you could ask someone to walk you through it.

As you have been able to successfully put up a post on the forum I think you are underestimating your computer skills (!)

This forum has also been a lifesaver for me

Please don't feel you have to go if you think it will isolate you.

Otherwise I do wish you the best of return to health and a peaceful new year

Kind regards,


(Another very grateful forum member)

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You do not need to 'sign off' as you might want to ask a question or two in the future. You can also look at any of your previous posts just by clicking on your name.

You have multiple problems with your health and no matter what our age, members will respond to your queries if you need advice.

If you click on the following link it should take you straight into TUK forum as I understand Healthunlocked have more 'health issue forums' than when it began. You might just want to read some posts from other members.

I watched the Scottish Debate about T3 (on the internet) and two Members who have to take T3 they were very explicit about how they cannot function without it.

Remember we are always here if you do want some more advice VTUI. Sorry to hear of the return of tumours and I wish you well.

Sorry to hear your medical news. I hope you're able to receive any help you need.

You should pat yourself on the back for successfully creating this post. 😊

Best wishes to you for Christmas and the New Year... ✨🎄🎄🎄✨

Please don't sign off. Even if you feel uncomfortable posting, though you did so perfectly, stay to read the wealth of knowledge & caring here. I'm sorry for the abdominal tumors. Frightening. You were quite brave to refuse chemo & kudos for researching what was offered.

So sorry to hear about your bad news,

Reasons to stick with us:

Problems shared, opinions aired, information in abundance and humour, too, here.

The more you search, the more you learn and the more armour you have against the system!

Sending you love and hope this Christmas XX

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