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Thyroid has gone haywire. Graves’ disease

Dear thyroid sufferers, After 15 months on carbimazole Endo signed me off about three weeks ago. Unfortunately, having a stressful time my Thyroid went haywire. Blood results from medicheck are >100.000 (, they can only go up to this,) Range 12. - 22 . My doctor has prescribed 20mg carbimazole per day. My question is - should I be on 40 mg per day. I feel awful and would like to get something like for Christmas. Please advise if you can. V.

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I think you should try and get in contact with your Endo, even though you have been signed off recently. Your GP is unlikely to treat you aggressively enough (if aggressive treatment is needed).

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Many thanks hummanbean, I have asked doc for 40mg a day and read on other post that 80mg slow release proprananolol would help to feel better.

Kind regards V


Flipping stress! I bet you are feeling awful.

20 mg carbimazole does sound low, but may be the most your GP can prescribe without endo’s advice.

I would go back to see the GP, and ask whether they have spoken to the endo. Given the results are so far above range, you’d think they would do so. At the same time, discuss the option of propranolol.

If the GP hasn’t been in touch with the endo, and has no intention of doing so, I would get in touch yourself.

Did your GP order more tests ?


Thank you Valerian, I have made an appointment today to see doc. And I will ask for more carb. Unfortunately, why I feel so I’ll is that I have been given a brand of carb that I can’t take, must be daft for not checking. You are so kind to give advice and sympathy, many thanks. V.


You’re welcome. I’m lucky- seem to be ok with all the brands so far (hospital provides different brand from local pharmacy, no idea what as they come in a brown bottle )


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