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Cortisol and DHEA saliva test, should you stop Adrenavive


Hello, Last test 4+ months ago, showed low levels of both DHEA and below range cortisol, waking and morning. Since then i have been supplementing with Adrenavive II.

Is 4 months sufficient time to understand if supplementation has helped and if so, should i now stop ahead of testing, how long a gap should i leave.

Many thanks in advance for your help

LisaG :)

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When I asked a similar question, they replied

Your samples will record your current levels of Cortisol and DHEA as they stand with any supplementation you are taking.

So your results should show whether you need to continue with Adrenavive (if you've not improved enough) or if you should reduce/stop (if you're results have gone too high).

However, to be absolutely sure, you could email them and they will give a definitive answer. Perhaps you can come back and tell us what they say, the information would be useful for others who do this test and take adrenal support.

LisaG28 in reply to SeasideSusie

Thank you, will let you know what they say

LisaG28 in reply to LisaG28

Hi, I have just received the following response from Regenerus in relation to supplementation and testing:-

Normally patients would be encouraged to stop supplementation support for at least 1 week prior to testing so you can evaluate the homeostasis of your body systems without support.

Hope this helps x

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