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GP wants to stop B12 injections

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I’ve been diagnosed under active thyroid since 2011. I’m well treated and all levels are good. However after discovering I was in the very lowest (but within) range of B12 it took me 2 years to persuade the go that I was not absorbing B12 in any way orally. He finally agreed to give me the 13 weekly injections which made a huge difference to my life and energy levels. However I’ve been told that asmy levels are about 900 they want to stop the injections. I have said that I will just get low in B12 again and we’ll Be back to square 1.

Please can anyone suggest how I can stop this happening - what can I say to make sure today’s injection was not my last?

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My daughter had the same problem. Every 2 years she would be deficient so would be given loading doses then told your fine now. Gave up with gp and self inject it's cheap and easy to do. Look on pernicious anaemia site as there are loads of printable articles to show your numpty gp that even if you don't have pa and just have an absorption problem the protocol is don't test b12 levels anymore and keep giving regular b12 injections. If your gp is like ours they will totally disregard the info but good luck anyway.x

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You would be better off asking this question on the Pernicious Anaemia Society forum, I think they come across this quite a lot

I forgot to say if you are on any proton pump inhibitors like omeprazole try and get off them asap. I took the horrible things for years and years and finally managed to come off them completely. Turns out I probably didn't need them in the first place as I had too little stomach acid and not too much! Hashi's patients are normally low in stomach acid not that the doctor would know that though. Since being off them it is rare for me to get acid reflux which surely speaks for itself. They stop the absorption of nutrients, vitamins, so could also be a cause of your b12 deficiency.

But this Hashis has too much acid so it does not apply that ppi ‘s are not needed by all of us .

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