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Self injecting b12 loading phase help?


Hi, I’m looking at starting b12 injections as I am 21 and becoming extremely forgetful this past year as well as other symptoms too. My mum is P.A. I have had serum b12 testing done via my GP which came back normal, but don’t have the money for private testing for antibody tests or anything. I’ve suffered with GERD for the last 4 years so feel maybe I am not absorbing the b12, or perhaps antibodies I don’t know.

Well anyway, I want to order the b12 to administer for myself and my mum. But as I’m completely new to b12 administrations would I need a loading phase? If so is there a standard loading phase that I could follow and a dosaging for this?

I’ve been looking at vitaminsb12online Hydroxocobalamin which says includes 6 x Ampoule 10,000mcg/2ml Hydroxocobalamin. Does this essentially mean 6 standard dose sizes that you would receive from the NHS?

If indeed I need a loading phase first will I need more than 6 x Ampoule 10,000mcg/2ml Hydroxocobalamin?

Thanks in advance for any help on this matter. I can’t wrap my brain around how to start this.

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I would pop across to the PAS Forum where there is lots of information in the PINNED POSTS and RELATED POSTS. Also lots of helpful members ...

Thyroid1892 in reply to Marz

Thanks Marz.

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