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Switching to NDT


Ok, next question! Due to the supply/price issue with T3, my friend and I are contemplating a switch to NDT. I used it briefly years ago but switched early on, as my dog was on T3. We ran out at the same time and I couldn't afford both!

But I digress... what's hot in NDT these days and good suppliers please? No prescription for either of us. I used Thiroyd, is that still around? No idea where I used to get it though, it's been 9 years since I used it.

Also - how would we go about switching? I take 25mcg T3 twice a day. I assume well have to allow for the tyrosine conversion with the NDT and not start at the equivalent T3 dose?

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I will close your post so that information will be sent to you by Private Message alone.

Are you taking 25mcg twice daily (50mcg) of T3 or splitting one 25mcg. You can respond by private message.

1 grain of NDT is equal, in its effect to around 100mcg of levothyroxine. You can switch between all types of thyroid hormones in the equivalent amount you've been taking.

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