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ACETYL l-carnitine

Does anyone take ACETYL l-carnitine supplement for hypothyroidism?

It is supposed to benefit people with hypothyroidism

Written by Greg Arnold, DC, CSCS. Twelve weeks of supplementation with 1980 mg of L-carnitine significantly improved physical fatigue levels by 22.9% in participating subjects when compared to control.

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Carnitine is unsuitable for hypothyroidism but can be useful in lowering thyroid activity in hyperthyroidism. It is especially useful in controlling "thyroid storm" where the thyroid goes bananas and produces massively too much hormone.


Thank you for your reply, have you got hypothyroidism?

Do you have firsthand knowledge of carnitine?



No, but I am a professional scientist who reads the literature on such matters.


If you need to learn more about members that take time to respond - you can click onto their username and read their Posts/Replies. In the case of diogenes you can read the thyroid research he is involved with 😊


Thank you Marz

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Carnitine is an interesting one. As Diogenes says, there is a lot of literature to suggest it is unsuitable for hypothyroidism, but recommended for hyperthyroidism.

But I've come across the study you refer, and Isabella Wentz also recommends its use.

I'd like to understand more about its actual effect on biochemistry and interaction with thyroid hormones.

L-Carnitine is one of the supplements most regularly recommended for fat metabolism in weight-training circles (and one I used a lot when I was an active and slim gym bunny a decade or so ago).

So I don't quite get my head around how a substance that allegedly helps metabolise fat in healthy individuals is somewhat unsuitable when hypothyroid.

If anyone can shed light on the matter, that would be amazing!

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Yes conflicting reports, I’d like to take it to support my liver.

Please if anyone takes it for hypothyroidism I would like to know


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