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Give me t3 forever


Hi.ive taken levothyroxine for 30yrs..cant say ive ever felt normal whatever that is lol but i am on day 4 of taking liothyronine for 14 days pre radioactive test for parathyroid..i was dreading this change but... i have never felt so family think i have been replaced by someone else..why was i not given this pill in the first place..not had chance to adk dr this yet..just dreading the 14 days afterwards i have to take nothing at all pre test..very scared..

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i feel so much better on t3 but am worried it will be stopped only on it for 14 days then 14 days nil then back on levothyroxine which i have had for 27years! But 5 days on t3 have given me 5 days of life lol x

Why not ask to stay on it?

Hi Doolalleycat

Just wishing you good luck. I have my fingers crossed for ypu.


I felt so poorly on Levo. I now take 60mcgs of Liothyronine and have been doing for about three years and feel really well and healthy on it.

well I,m past my first week on liothyronine and honestly I can not explain how good I feel, probably just normal like a person should feel. Why should we who have thyroid problems have to ,just get by,.. I am going to realy go all out after scan to see if I can keep on it... I,m in tears because I feel so ok. thank you for replies...gilly

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