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NDT to Levothyroxine T4and T3



I am currently on 3 tablets of Thai NDT by T.R Mann. I was much better on 2 grains of Nature Throid but I just can’t afford to keep buying these expensive NDT’s. I have decided to try T4 and a small amount of T3 which works out a lot cheaper and is easier to get hold of. I treat myself as I have Lyme disease which effects my thyroid so I have no support from gp or endo.

Can anyone please advise how I transition over to these new meds. I was thinking of starting a lower dose and working my way up while monitoring temps and symptoms again but not sure? Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks 🙏

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If you want to trial a T4/T3 combination, researchers have found that a 3:1 or 4:1 combo works well.

I believe 2 grains of NDT is approx 200 mcg of levothyroxine. 25mcg of T3 equivalent to about 100mcg of levo.

I will say that sourcing one's own T3 seems to be very difficult these days and you'd need a source which can provide what you want reliably. I think there seems to be a shortage world wide.

However, there have been people (pretending to be members) scamming some members and keeping the money and not providing the thyroid hormones.

So if you do get a name - check with any Admin to see if the supplier is reliable particularly with T3.

Usually if someone has been taking thyroid hormones, they can switch over to an equivalent dose.

(I will state I'm not medically qualified but had undiagnosed hypo).

Kellyjam1 in reply to shaws

Many thanks, it’s such a nightmare trying to buy your own thyroid meds, I wish I could do without them!

shawsAdministrator in reply to Kellyjam1

We all have a that wish.

Just think, before levothyroxine and blood tests were introduced we were diagnosed upon our clinical symptoms alone. Given NDT which was gradually increased until we felt well again.

If you want to read about someone's experience buy 'Tears Behind Closed Doors'. When I read it I was absolutely staggered and it is no different today, probably even much worse with the withdrawal of NDT and T3 by the NHS. Whoever decided to do this are not doctors or knowledgeable in any way at all about the suffering that can be due to undiagnosed or underdosed patients.


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