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Just done full thyroid test, while still taking B supplement


The private testing company hadn't said to stop supplements, so I carried on with them, as I'd taken them for years, being a vegan, (all the B's and D3). I thought the vitamin tests would show if I'm taking enough, or not enough supplement, in view of the TSH/T4/T3/TPO etc. thyroid results. Now I read 'biotin' can interfere with the testing. Will this render the test results of virtually no value? As they didn't say to stop biotin/vitamin supplements 3-5 days before test, would it not be reasonable to let me do it again, without chargeing again?

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Contact the company who did the test and ask if they use biotin in the assay. If not the results should be accurate. If they do then maybe suggest it would be useful if they made it obvious to their clients that biotin interferes with the results and ask if they are willing to send you a free test.

Who did you use? I had this concern a few months ago but blue horizon told me that they don't use biotin in their tests x

dinahnow in reply to NatChap

Thriva, and test went to Guildford.

Does anyone know if the NHS use biotin in their tests?

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to HypoCrazy


As each area uses different labs, it's not possible to say.

Taking biotin affected one if my NHS tests (significantly) but I imagine it differs from

lab to lab.

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