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How to change from Levothyroxine to Thai Thiroyd


I currently take 100mcg of levothyroxine and not feeling well. Blood results measuring TSH are 'optimal according to GP. I am about to start Thiroyd NDT from Thailand.

Please could somebody give an idiots guide on how to make the transition?

A couple of months ago I tried Thyrogold but found the dosing too confusing.

Should I take 50mcg of my levothyroxine with 0.5 grain of Thiroyd for 2 weeks and then drop the levothyroxine and up to 1 grain which is advised as approximately 100mcg of levothyroxine?

Thank you!

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I am not medically qualified but I am sure you will find an improvement.

You can switch straight over to 1 gr of NDT which is stated to be around 100mcg of levo (in its effect). You take it on an empty stomach and you can increase by 1/4 tablet every two weeks always being aware of your pulse/temp. You are looking to relieve your clinical symptoms and to feel well. If pulse/temp goes too high , drop to previous dose. All vitamins/minerals should also be at an optimum level.

I wish you well on your new trial and that it will be successful.

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