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Hi all, I’m new to this site but have been reading people’s experiences for the last 2 years. I had a goitre appear just under 2 years ago, my bloods are confirming no issues with my thyroid functioning so not been medicated and have just been seen every so often by a consultant who ha been taking notes of my symptoms, aspirating fluid from my lump which started as one lump but is now 4 lumps in a cyst. Been advised after every aspiration the samples were thy1 and was told no concerns for cancer. Went to see consultant 2 weeks ago after another aspiration 6 weeks ago and again neck is swollen and lump had grown again so I finally sighed my consent for a hemithyroidectomy which is happening this week. I would be grateful for any info that may help me- how long did people have off work? What was the recovery like? Any personal experiences would be great.

Thanks for your help x

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After a partial semi in my 30s for a large adenoma, the rest in my 40s due to more nodules, I had the remaining isthmus and lobe removed last month following 2 ultrasounds and fine needle biopsies at 2 leading hospitals with indeterminate results for one suspicious nodule of 2 total noted on a CT scan of head and neck done after a fall on ice in January. I was told that there was no hurry for the surgery and was given an option to have it or watch and wait with more ultrasounds. I am 75 years old and diabetic, Type 2.

The larger nodule was not malignant, but I had 2 micro Papillary cancer spots, .6 cm. ea. In the US, after a study by the American Thyroid Association, it was found that unless there are 3 or more of those, they don't recommend radioactive iodine treatment, as it has no effect on lifespan. The stage/class of cancer was as low as it could be. I did not insist as that one time treatment is not good for the kidneys, and mine are impaired, although I am not close to dialysis. There is a 10% chance of cancer recurrence.

We don't have NHS. I have Medicare and good supplemental private insurance and free choice of treatment. There was very little pain. No prescription for that, just acetomenaphin (Paracetamol), Slight increase in Levothyroxine dosage to 100 mcg. On significant dose of calcium due to losing at least 3 parathyroids. Back to walking, driving, working part time in 3 days. Going back to treadmill shortly.

Thank you for the response, hope all is well with you. I’m starting to get nervous now....Operation is tomorrow both my children are ok with what’s going to happen. Let’s hope for no complications and a quick recovery.

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