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Opinions on these cortisol saliva test please

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I'm currently self medicating with 2.5 grains of NDT but have recently been feeling a bit agitated & starting to get words muddled. I've got a BH thyroid blood test ready to do but I thought I'd see what my cortisol was like first.

It's saying my morning cortisol is low, but I'd like to know if anyone has any observations & advice - because to be honest this is the ONLY place I can get any good advice from 😍

Thank you

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Have you shown your results to your doctor? I don't really know much about interpreting saliva results so if these were mine I'd most probably follow the advice. Otherwise I would suggest getting your thyroid levels checked as some symptoms could be down to needing a dose tweak. Have you tested them since you went down the NDT path? If so could be useful to add your results of that as well. When I started on NDT I'd missed my sweet spot as it turned out I only needed 1.75 but I'd followed instruction to go up in halves to 2 then increase by quarters. I wasn't feeling too bad and got up to 3 but I was a lot better than I was but wasn't improving anymore but not 100% right. Thankfully I'd planned my switchover to occur before my next Endo appointment so he wason hand to sort me out. I then realised that being slightly over active wasvery similar to being under.

Hopefully someone else with saliva tests experience with be able to help you.

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