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Feeling neglected

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Hi guys.

Thanks for all the advice so far. I'm waiting on docs appointment to discuss my meds and tests.

My problem now thou is one that is leaving me feeling out in the cold.

As well as hypo thyroid I'm recovering from pneumonia. Bummer right.

But I'm feeling so tired and lethargic I can't get any get up and go in the job I've been doing for 18yrs. I really just can't be bothered. My boss understands pneumonia takes time to get over and put me on light duties (NO SUCH THING ). It covers paperwork for him. But he's no idea about hypo thyroid problems and how it makes you feel so tired. I really feel so out there. I loved my work but just can't get going any more. Other than waiting on doctors and meds and sitting with my boss and explaining thyroid symtoms etc (HE WONT TAKE IT IN). Have any of you got any tips and tricks to give me a boost.I really appreciate any help.

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How long have you been taking statins ? - they can have side effects and weakness is one.

Have you tested B12 - Folate - VitD - Ferritin ? Perhaps they are low in range and need boosting. Did you get your thyroid results from the Docs ?

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Sj005a in reply to Marz

I've been on statins for over two years. Cholestral lowering. And still waiting on docs appointment to discuss meds and thyroid results (never seen any). It was on here I learned I SHOULD see results.

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Marz in reply to Sj005a

Not just see your results - but obtain copies that are legally yours. You need to be able to monitor your OWN progress and check what has been missed - yes it happens.

Lowering cholesterol does not prevent heart issues - I would read your last post/thread again when possible ...



I know it's hard, but you need to be more proactive. Don't just wait for your doctor to hand you your results on a plate, because he won't - he'd probably rather you don't see them! But they are legally yours. Ring the receptionist and ask her to print them out, and you'll be round to collect them at her convenience.

You don't need your doctor's permission to stop statins. He can't force you to take them - but he does get a nice little incentive to prescribe them! Read up on it, on the links Marz has provided and make your own informed decisions. We can no-longer just leave it all up to our doctors to make decisions for us, know all about everything and have our best interests at heart. For one thing, they have too many patients to even remember our names! For another, their education doesn't cover everything, and they are seriously lacking in knowledge about thyroid and nutrition - so they don't know much about statins and cholesterol, and just believe what the Big Pharma sales reps tell them! And they probably know as little about hypo as your boss! So, if you want to get well, the onus is on you, I'm afraid. x :)

Hi Sj, it's a steep learning curve with this condition. Your pneumonia might have been due to low vitamin d which fights infections and cancer and also being a prohormone it supports the activity of all other hormones. I have to add that your adrenals use cholesterol for all those OTHER hormones like sex hormones plus steroids. After 50, hormones are already changing so if your cholesterol was not high enough that's a problem. You need to support your microbiome, get plenty of nutrients and decent sleep. You may need additional thyroid hormone or some T3. You can learn from this man.


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