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feeling unwell again can't even speak to GP till thursday

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I'm feeling so unwell today , just been in tears all day and am so tired and tried to work but can't concentrate and feel overwhelmed. I phoned surgery but cant even get a telephone consult till Thursday ! I'm going to call again tomorrow and insist i speak to someone, i'm not sure i should be at work i really struggled at a meeting on Friday, although i've had a slight increase in my meds i'm not actually feeling any better, sorry just ranting !

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sorry I am hypo on 150mcg thyroxine was on alternate dose of 125/150mcg so only slight increase, TSh 15.7 T3 2.7 .dose increase was three weeks ago thought i would be feeling slightly better now ,has a short reprieve from symptoms for a week when i went to Spain got back last Monday and was feeling awful again by Friday

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When were you diagnosed hypothyroid? You should have a blood test every 6 weeks and get a dose increase until TSH is within range. Your TSH is still very elevated. Most people don't feel well until their TSH is around 1.

Are you taking levothyroxine correctly? You should take it on an empty stomach such as first thing in the morning with a whole glass of water and leave an hour before eating or drinking anything except for water. You should leave at least 2 hours before taking any supplements and 4 hours for some such as iron tablets. 150mcg is quite a good dose for an average size person so you unless you are very large you may have an absorption problem.

YOu need to have your vitamin levels tested as if they are low you may not utilise thyroid hormone efficiently. Ask your GP to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12. When you get results, post them on this forum along with the laboratory ranges for best advice.

Sorry to hear you’re feeling poorly. You get good days and bad, sometimes a good one comes along when you least expect it. You sound undermedicated so will need an increase to reduce frequency and severity of bad days. Good luck.

Bevlah, I can only tell you what I would do. Like Nandaeke said, most people start to feel ill with a T.S.H of 1! I am one of those people, with a T.S.H of 15 I would be dead. Personally I would go and camp out in the surgery waiting room, take a blanket and tell them you will just wait until a doctor can see me. Then fall asleep on the bench (or chair). Someone will probably get mad but don’t worry about that, your health comes first.

At 150mcg Levo not working you are probably not a “good converter” (of T4 to T3). Start your conversation there and tell the doc you need T3. Give him time to call a colleague to get an explaination of what T3 is. Ask him to check your Seleniium (Se) level, that metal is the catalyst for the T4 to T3 conversion, if you have no Se you will not have any T3 and therefore no energy for anything.

BTW I have done this myself a couple of times when I have been given the run around by medics, it’s hard for any human being to not helpl another who is desperately ill.

Hi have to checked whether you have been given a different brand of thyroxine ? I got Teva instead of mercury pharma and felt really unwell ?

I did manage to see a gp yesterday had another increase in Levo now on 175 mcg weekdays and 150 at weekends I also asked for b12 and vit d to be tested that was after I explained which vitamins I thought would be helpful to test . I have spent the last 2 days asleep on the sofa after trying to do the most basic tasks. I’ve been signed off work for another week. Bloods are not due till end Oct appt with endo 6th nov should I pay for tests now or wait? What about selenium ? Will it be tested on nhs? I was speaking to a friend who is a naturopath in OZ she was appalled that these tests hadn’t been done as a matter of course . In oz she gets referrals from gps all the time ! I’m doing everything I can possibly do to feel well but am struggling to with medics to understand how unwell I feel and it all takes such a long time ! So in summary I need to ask for vit d b12 folate and ferritin selenium tsh t3 t4 and antibodies ?

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