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Are nausea + digestive cramps side effects of all levothyroxines?

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I've recently been put on a brand (first time ever, I'm 66) for hypothyroid (which I think I've had for decades) - 25mg. By mid morning I felt nauseous, which stayed all day. I didn't want lunch (unheard of), though I was able to eat it. Then, in the early evening I also started getting tummy/lower pains that went on for hours, like the waves you get when you've eaten something a bit bad, and the signs that 'diarrhea' is on its way.

The following morning I woke with a racing pulse - I don't know how long it lasted, but hours, then I just forgot about it. But I did decide, because of this, not to take a second tablet. The nausea had gone, but the uncomfortable gut feelings, and now distended abdomen/bloating, were still there.

The third day I thought I must persist with the tablets, so I took a second pill. But the nausea came back exactly the same, mid morning and underlying all day, and the bloating evident.

So today I have not had a third tablet. I rang the pharmacist, who said they'd never heard of this being a side effect of Teva Levothyroxine or any brand - and that it might be this occurs with all the brands. And this evening, still feeling queasy and bloated, diarrhea episode.

Before I go back to the doctor (a week away first poss.appointment) - I'd be grateful for your experience and knowledge. Many thanks.

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So you are prescribed Teva

Many thousands of people react very badly to Teva

Ask pharmacy for different brand.

Wockhart, Mercury Pharma, Activis are all fairly widely available

25mcg is a very small dose. Standard starter dose is 50mcgs unless over 50 years old.

NHS guidelines saying standard starter dose is 50mcgs

I had very bad palpitations, anxiety, etc when started on 25mcg, had to start with a 3mcg dose (using liquid levothyroxine) and build it very slowly up.

Concerning nausea, I have got it from time to time after taking the pill in the morning, but not always. Might have to do with the state of my stomach/guts at the time(??)

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I agree with SlowDragon as there has been lots of complaints on the forum about Teva. Ask pharmacist to switch to another provider.

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Not Morningside that's T3 (Liothyronine) only

dinahnow is prescribed 25mcg of Levothyroxine

You could be sensitive to the fillers in Teva - I think it has acacia which many people are sensitive to.

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