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Trigger for Graves'


Diagnosed with Graves’ and TED 3 years ago. Feeling well on Carbimazole 20mg. and Levo 50mcg. Would prefer a lower dose as I will probably be on them long term. Endo reluctant to lower as my TRAb is 16u/L. My question is does this mean that whatever triggered the disease must still be active. Find the Trigger, remove it and remission is possible ? The usual “suspects“ - stress, allergy, virus don’t SEEM to apply. I self medicate for gut microbiome, selenium and Vit. D by taking Kefir, 200 mcg selenium and 1000 IU D3 without any idea if the dosage is correct or if I even need them. I have never had the last two checked but think I probably should ask in case a deficiency could be the trigger.

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Hi asiatic, I struggle with this high TraB question too, but do not have a thyroid-trained and experienced doctor who can help with answers.

What I have is just my own Graves experience so far.

Diagnosed 2015, TraB level according to then doc was 8.9, very high, range 0.0-1.5.

It took about 3 years before levels started to really come down. 5+ 3+ 1.8 and now finally within range 1.24

Throughout the high TraB, TSH FT4 FT3 were in range.

Like you, I had the same thinking. Bring the TraB down and hey remission!

However, even as TraB levels came down, each time after a period of high stress, I would suffer a hyper type attack with severe symptoms. Is this called improving??

Then came the current attack. Severe with heart related symptoms. I figured my levels must have seriously relapsed. But guess what, all were within range and my TraB in fact, had come down to within range?!

So what the hell is going on??

Since the Graves may not be the direct culprit, I am now exploring other possible causes with an eye on Graves. With Graves, even if euthyroid, things like stress, diet, hydration, sufficient sleep & rest, over exertion, too much physical activity, mental stress, circadian rhythm disturbances, all become big issues when the body would otherwise have been able to absorb these normal every day stuff.

Supplementing I think is a great idea. After diagnosis, I started calcium & Vit D and fish oil supplements. And overall, they've worked out well in making up for my diet deficiencies. I think u are right about getting levels checked, as an overdose might potentially cause problems.

Its good your endo is keeping an eye on your high TraB level. It bears watching. Did you experience any symptoms after diagnosis and treatment?

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