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Although from the states, over the past month have gained much valuable info and insight from all of your post! Have been struggling with hormone balance from all sides last 4 years after radical hysterectomy, quickly followed by removal of Parathyroid(s), thymus and portion of Thyroid w nodules.

Current ‘try’ is Paul Robinsin’s CT3M. Now after 1 month am feeling this just may work with my circadian morning dose / timing set along with 3 daily dose times (4 dose per day) I’m grateful my doctor is a proponent of T3 treatment; however his reign on dosage amount is a bit frustrating. Because of this my evenings are HELL due to last dose amt currently too small. Ugh. But am playing the long game here... as we all are, if not by choice but survival :)

Anyhow, all that to say it was only by reading your stories and experiences (good and bad) that I’ve become more knowledgeable about treatment options. Many thanks. M.

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