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Aching terribly especially groin and rib is this connected!


Hello everyone...about 4 weeks a go I had a thyroidectomy then a diagnosis of follicular thyroid cancer..Ive got radioactive iodine in a few weeks only problem is before this all started almost 2 years a go I got terrible aching in my groin both sides..lots of tests and medication later no one knows and I still have the last 6 months my right rib also aches a little on and off...I phoned my oncology Nurse who reassured me that the cancer was small in one lobe and none in the other and its highly unlikely it has spread but even if and a big IF it had the radioactive iodine will still be the same treatment..this was reassuring but does aching have anything to do with thyroid problems...its just unbearable some days :(

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Get your vitamin D and calcium levels checked. Could be low Vitamin levels. Also might benefit from magnesium supplement and K2-MK7 if you supplement vitamin D. Ask GP to check ferritin, vitamin D, calcium, vit B12 and Folate. In a year's time ask for a DEXA scan.

I do think aching is connected to thyroid dysfunction. If calcium homeostasis is disrupted and vitamin D absorption inadequate it may cause symptoms. I too had bone /muscle pain.

I never had advice about calcium or vitamin D. It might have prevented osteoporosis so please ask GP to investigate. Insufficient dietary calcium may not show in blood tests as your body will release calcium stored in bone to keep blood levels sufficient. You cannot replace the calcium in bone fast enough once you reach menopause so you don't want to have a deficiency.

I also think there is a connection. This was an interesting article although they use the term fibromyalgia but it is about muscle and joint pain as it relates.

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