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Mood swings on METAVIVE


Hello, I started on Metavive ii 4 days ago and have noticed terrible mood swings and depressive episodes. Dr P advised me to take 2 x Metavive ii (60mg) and see how I feel after 2 weeks but I feel dreadful. I’m also taking Adrenal Extra which I’ve been taking for 2 months. I had very high cortisol levels and adrenal insufficiency according to Dr P. My thyroid test results are all within range except high reverse t3 which I think means my t3 is getting blocked by the rt3. I had a hair mineral test done a few months ago which showed high levels of arsenic. Could it be that the heavy metals are causing elevated rt3 thus blocking t3 getting into the cells and making me hypothyroid?

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How much levo were you on before starting metavive? RT3 tells you there is problem but doesn't tell you what the problem is. It's now thought that it doesn't block T3, but is created instead of T3.

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