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wrong symptoms

hiya i have in last 2 months been diagnosed with autoimmune under active thyroid..however my symptoms are wrong accept for the tiredness...i have lost weight(which was y i went to docs)suffered with hot flushes and feel extremely warm most time...had fast pulse rate even docs was convinced i was tsh was 4 x higher thank norm...t4 was low....and antibodys 1300...has any1 else had opposite symptoms to norm

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Yes, I had unusual symptoms too. I actually went overweight once I was on thyroxine. I am more likely to get palpitations when my dose is too low rather than when it's too high. At diagnosis, my GP nearly fell off his chair because my TSH and antibody levels were so high!


It is well known that as the amount of T4 produced by the thyroid goes down, the T3 level can go up. This effect seems to occur for a limited period - possibly the body attempting to make up for the lack of T4.

I feel that the higher T3 could result in symptoms going the 'wrong' way. At a guess, a temporary higher T3 (in a body which overall is suffering from low thyroid hormone levels) could result is worse tiredness by attempting to keep it going normally when it cannot cope.



Hi, Autoimmunce thyroid disease can sometimes mean swinging between hyper and hypo symptoms.


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