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Over medicated?


Hi everyone,

So...I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid around 3-4 years ago and have been on levothyroxine ever since. It’s always been up and down but settled a bit. I was on 125 per day but as we are going through IVF they upped it to 150.

So, started our second round and they’ve said my TSH level has dropped so I’m guessing that means I am being over medicated? I’m confused as I see this as being just as bad as under medicating. Luckily they let us carry on with round number 2 due to my last results being ok but I’m worried now.

Anyone have experience of being over medicated?

Thanks in advance 😊

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A low TSH does not automatically mean that you are over-medicated. You are only over-medicated if your FT3 is over-range. Are they testing your FT3. Do not allow them to reduce your dose solely on the basis of a low TSH. You need the FT4 and FT3 and antibodies tested as well. :)

Sibbo84 in reply to greygoose

Ahhhh right. I don’t think I’ve ever had anything checked except my TSH...may be one to ask. Thanks!

greygoose in reply to Sibbo84

One to insist on! Dosing by the TSH is a very good way to keep the patient sick. :(

Just thought I’d say hi, I’m trying to work my thyroid out around ivf too! My ivf consultant is refusing to transfer any more embryos at the moment as my TSH is 0.1, he says it’s too low.

I think for an actual ivf round, stims and retrieval etc, I would be ok, it’s just the FET he doesn’t want to do.

Sibbo84 in reply to Orla9298

Hey! Ahhhh it’s good to talk to someone in the same boat! We started out stim on Saturday but they very nearly didn’t let us due to my levels being low (it was their error, no one checked my tat results until the day before we were due to start 😤) but they said as my last one was ok we could go ahead.

What would be the difference doing a frozen rather than a fresh cycle? That just be devastating, I’m sorry. I know how hard IVF is on it’s own never mind adding the nightmare that is thyroid issues!!

Could it be that your TSH was too high and would have possibly meant a miscarriage once pregnant. My family arrived before my thyroid problem but I have read that in the first trimester the TSH needs to be lower than 2.5. Do you know what your TSH reading is?

Sibbo84 in reply to silverfox7

They said it was too low, however have let us do this cycle as my last one was ok. I believe it was around 1.3, I’m not too sure. I’m just confused as my thyroid was ok taking 125 per day but they upped it to 150 specifically for the IVF. Very confusing x

Sorry not heard about a lowest level for conception etc though doctors often panic if suppressed and throw osteoporosis at you which is a myth! But they are letting you continue so they must feel it's ok.

Hope things go well for you

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