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Why do I feel so tired after eating?


Hi all,

I experience extreme tiredness about 20 minutes after eating - even if it is just a very small packed lunch of salad tomatoes, peppers, tuna, sweetcorn and mayo. (Been having this problem since May). Is this another hypo' specific issue or more likely to be a sugar 'crash' of sorts? It is putting me off eating lunch at all, and as I don't 'do' breakfast, it means not eating until the evening.

Anyone else experienced this? Looking at my latest blood results (taken at the end of July), the glucose type results appear normal, so I am not sure what is happening or how to fix it. I am currently on 75 mg of Levo' and still feel extremely sleepy (especially around 10.30 am, 12.30 pm and at around 4pm), but can't do a lot about that until the next round of bloods in 2 weeks time.

Thanks in advance for reading.

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I’m sure that someone more experienced will be along shortly but could it be a reaction to some foodstuffs? If I eat gluten inadvertently I feel ready for a sleep straight afterwards etc. The nightshade family (includes tomatoes, peppers and I think aubergine) and corn do cause intolerances in some people. You mentioned all of these (except aubergine) in a typical lunch.

You probably also need a more steady supply of energy from regular intake of food. If you don’t have breakfast then have only a light lunch, your body won’t cope as easily. I also know I feel better when I’ve included some grains for energy than when I just eat protein and vegetables. Could you perhaps try adding in some cooked buckwheat or even quinoa (packs a protein lunch but still delivers carbs for energy.) I have to eat regularly or I feel very tired. A nice mid morning snack is equal quantities of dates and nuts whizzed in a food processor until gloopy then frozen into bars. Gluten free oats and raisins soaked overnight in coconut milk make a great breakfast, especially with grated apple or berries on top. I really look forward to breakfast! I’d recommend a website called Deliciously Organic for loads of ideas.

Yes, I have got a similar symptom, but ONLY after breakfast.

Was your glucose test fasting? People can have reactive hypoglycemia after meals & that won't show on fasting glucose labs. Basically, reactive hypoglycemia is the pancreas releasing too much insulin. Best to eat meals with protein, fat & non-starchy vegetables. Protein & fat digest slowly, Better for stable blood glucose, Carbs digest quickly resulting in a crash & high carb meals are not good for hypoglycemia. You can get a blood glucose meter to check your blood sugar before & after meals.

If I inadvertently miss a meal it's usually lunch but for years it's been said breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Try and eat a little something in the morning and see how it goes.

Thanks for everyone's replies. I will definitely have a go at leaving out the sweetcorn and other veggies like it, and I will also have a look at investing in a blood glucose meter.

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