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NDT - refrigeration or not? - travel?


Hi everyone

The pharmacy advise me that NDT (or, at least the one they supply) is more stable than thyroxine and therefore doesn't require refrigeration, though it is fine to do that. "Room temperature" is good. (And I believe room temperature is deemed to be 25C? Though I didn't ask them that.) It does get warmer than that in our house in summer and I do keep it in the fridge, except for measuring out a week at a time into my weekly pillbox - that weekly pillbox sits out for the week.

I'm going on a road trip and am now wondering about keeping it cool for travel. It isn't likely to be warmer than 25C (and at times quite cool - about -5C), but on a sunny day the car can get much warmer than the outside temperature.

I have a soft sided insulated lunchbox and I'll usually have access to a freezer to freeze ice bricks, so maybe that's all I need to do? Any thoughts?



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Sorry you had no replies. This may be because your post was missed or simply because no one had any relevant info.

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Thanks for the comment, Louise. I've found that the pharmacy can split my prescription up and give me a smaller bottle than usual - just what I need for the trip. I'll take my insulated lunchbox and some freezer bricks and keep it as cool as I can as I go, and use fridges where we have them (which will actually be in most accommodation). I'll have a new bottle, safely in the fridge, when I get home.

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