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Bleeding easily


Ugh 😑 another new thing!

Before I look up dr Google and scare myself, why have I started bleeding more easily/ longer?

I’m asking as I’ve just had another blood test and flooded the cotton wool bud afterwards! I’ve noticed it takes longer for me to stop bleeding recently if cut for example but this just reminded me.

Waiting on ferritin etc to come back from these bloods but it was low on the range previously.


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Do you take supplements that reduce clotting either as their main benefit or one of their side effects? What about prescription drugs? Do any of them reduce clotting?

You may find this of interest :

P.S. I don't know anything about clotting.

Murphysmum in reply to humanbean

Nope. No meds that would cause it.

My periods have been worse recently too so I’m guessing it’s all linked.

Asked gp to do a full blood panel but they don’t think it’s necessary 🤔

Are you taking fish oil or omega-3 supplements?

Scientific studies have shown that people taking fish oil or cod liver oil (which contains high concentrations of omega 3 fatty acids) had increased bleeding times; they also had a reduction in blood clots.

Also, aspirin and cyclo-oxygenase 2 inhibitors (COX-2) such as ibuprofen can increase bleeding times, as can warfarin or anti-coagulation drugs (drugs to reduce blood clotting).

Bleeding times in general are usually between 1-9 minutes (can be longer in children; 1-13 min) and can also be longer in females. :-)

You could be low in vit K. Or - and this is a long-shot! lol - it could be a sign that you're less hypo. Hypos have thick blood, so clot more easily. It could be that you're blood is thinning because your thyroid hormone levels are rising. This is just a guess, but could have something to do with it. :)

jgelliss in reply to greygoose


I was thinking along the same way . Vitamin K and some might have have low platelets . I was not aware that hypos have thicker blood . And Hyper have thinner blood . It's very interesting . Thank you for sharing .

greygoose in reply to jgelliss

Well, that's what I read, anyway. I've never put it to the test. lol

jgelliss in reply to greygoose

greygoose ,

It does make a lot of sense .

Do you bruise easily? If so, get your platelets tested.

Murphysmum in reply to G2G2

No, I can’t say I bruise particularly easily.

Thanks tho, I’ll keep an eye on it

G2G2 in reply to Murphysmum

Good you don't bruise easily.

I noticed my blood was flowing better on my last finger prick blood test but I took it as a good sign because before I could barely even get myself to bleed a few drops!

I had something similar. My platelets had been low but dropped enough for a referral to haematology. Someone on here mentioned that they'd taken zinc and were able to do a 5k run so I asked my GP to test my levels. They were low too so I started supplementing. My platelets went back into the "normal" range for the first time in a few years, bruising stopped, and post blood test cotton wool was barely marked. I've run out of zinc tablets and my legs look as though I've been beaten so I'll get more at the weekend. I also started having nosebleeds after taking selenium for two weeks so stopped. It might be worth asking your GP to test your vitamins and minerals.

jgelliss in reply to Babette

It's very interesting that Zinc helped you with low platelets . Selenium caused me many side affects like itching , skin breakouts , hair falling out , anxiety , sweating . Oh yes nose bleeds . But I didn't connect it at the time to Selenium . My daughters glucose levels went up from Selenium supplementing with 200mcg . After she omitted Selenium her glucose levels went back to normal .

Thank you or sharing your experiences and findings .

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