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Any recommendations for BUPA accredited Endos? I live in Sheffield but willing to travel anywhere! I suspect Central hypo and adrenal probs


I can access BUPA through my husband's work and have been authorised to see an endo privately, who is accredited to them, but its so difficult making the choice. I am aware that just being private doesn't necessarily make them any good for thyroid and adrenal issues. Its hard to see from their profiles what they are really like.

I know you can't post but if anybody could message me privately as to whether you could recommend a suitable person I would be so grateful. I'm prepared to travel anywhere-the end result is the most important thing. Thanks in advance

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If you email Dionne at ThyroidUK

she can send you the list of thyroid friendly endos. Then you could ask on the forum for feedback on any that seem a possibility.

I will close your post to replies so that no information is inadvertently posted on the forum, as we can't discuss individual doctors here. Anyone who can help will PM you.

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