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Anyone know what these tests are checking for??

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I have hashis and latest results are

Tsh 1.1 (0.27 - 4.5)

Ft4 27.1 (11- 23)

Ft3 4.50 ( 3.1- 6.8)

Saw yet another endo he was actually very compassionate and said that he would back me needing t3, and hes been the best iv swwn up to now, only problem is he leaves the hospital to go back to his own country tomorrow 😣 he says my results over the last year have been very perculiar and he is intrigued why the ft4 goes so high but the tsh stays stable at 1 or slightly below when normally it would go way below range with a ft4 that high...

Anyway hes ordered lots of bloods and says he thinks something else is going off with me, as im very slim and losing weight and dont have any physical symptoms just severe mental symptoms anxiety,detached depression, hell basically..

Does anyone know what these are that he has ordered he also wants me to have them done before 9 o clock.?? ....

16 Replies

To have our tests done as early as possible gives the best results for us, the patient, as TSH drops throughout the day and most doctors only look at the TSH result and pronounce a decision.

Did you have the blood tests for your above results at the very earliest, fasting, and did you leave a 24 hour gap between last dose of levo and the test?

Yes always done st the same time and same situation i.e no levo and wmpty stomach thank you...

From what I can see, squinting, it's liver function, bone profile and autoimmune markers but don't quote me on that, I'm having trouble viewing text.

Thank you


The tests I can work out are:

Full Blood Count

ESR - Erythrocyte sedimentation rate

U/E Creatinine

LFT - Liver function tests


TFT (on thyroxine)


Anti-nuclear antibodies

PRL - Prolactin




TSH Receptor antibodies


PTH -Parathyroid Hormone



You will find all those tests, I think, here:

The PTH test possibly requires the blood sample to be cooled immediately. Check if that is needed and that it is possible before you get the blood drawn. Sometimes it cannot be done at a GP surgery.

Thank you for your detailed reply, my bloods will be done at the hospital so thats ok..

helvellaAdministrator in reply to ThyroidObsessed

Even then, say something to the phlebotomist. It is not unusual for the sample to be left on the side rather than taken through to the lab for cooling. :-)

But it is much more likely to be done properly at a hospital phlebotomy unit.


Presumably you have vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 tested fairly regularly?

What are most recent results and ranges?

Are you on strictly gluten free diet?

Soya free?

What supplements do you currently take?

All my vitamins are checked regular and all are optimal thank you.. i currently eat liver once a week and i take b12 and vitamin c no others are needed

Do you know if you have Hashi's? He seems to be testing you for Grave's and Central hypo. But also FT4 and FT3.

If you do have Hashi's, then that could explain any strange results. But, it doesn't surprise me that your TSH is at 1 when your TSH is at 27, because your FT3 is low.

Do you have any sort of a diagnosis?

Yes iv been hypo 10 years and have hashis, iv been stable on levo 100mcg for 10 years then all of a sudden tsh shot up to 10 and ft4 still over range and started with panic attacks bad anxiety depression weird brain zaps fewling detached...

Iv been suffering for 2 years now with mental symptoms not really physical im also very slim and weight is up and down...

All the different endos have done is juat put my dose up and down to no avail and still not stabalised and still symptoms its hell on earth!!!

Are they just dosing by the TSH? You never will stabilise if that's what they're doing.

Or, it could be due to Hashi's, if you have it.

I suppose that when your TSH shot up to 10 and your FT4 was over-range, they didn't test FT3 or do anything to find out what was going on? They'd rather just sit and scratch their heads, and say it's a mystery! Do you take any form of biotin?

Pity the endo isn't staying, just when you found a supportive one, πŸ˜• but I hope you get some answers from your tests, and you still get prescribed the T3 πŸ™. Good luck πŸ€ x

Thank you your very kind 😊

IF you read Paul Robinson's latest Thyroids Patient's Manual book you will see the significance of these tests. It's quite a comprehensive look at not only at your thyroid but also possible HPA (hypothalmus-pituitary-adrenals) axis dysfunction. Shame your endo is going because he seems to know his stuff!

I know its just my luck 😣

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