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A new digital service giving patients access to records to be trialled in Bridgend


Just noticed this potentially interesting development in Wales regarding patient access.

Afraid I know nothing more than appears on the website - quoted below.

Of course patients are better prepared. The idea that a short consultation has been supposed to handle the consultant giving information, the patient digesting it, and then asking questions always was ridiculous.

Interesting, and frustrating, that they include diabetes but (need I say it?) not thyroid.

A new digital service giving patients access to records to be trialled in Bridgend

By Rhys Gregory On Aug 20, 2018

A new digital service called Patients Know Best (PKB) is helping empower patients to be more involved in their care by securely giving them access to their own health records.

As well as having 24/7 access to their records, patients can now choose who they want to share the information with, and work much more closely and easily with clinicians to manage their future care as a team. Care plans can be created digitally with input from patients and clinicians, and videos and other media content to help patients better understand their condition and manage care are also available.

By making it simpler for patients to choose who can see their information, patients can easily share it with other agencies or healthcare professionals, smoothing the way for much easier cross-boundary or multi-agency care. They can also share the information with relatives and carers.

PKB also allows clinicians to conduct virtual clinics, so patients don’t always need to attend an outpatients clinic, and the app can connect to devices like ones used to monitor blood sugar levels.

Following a successful pilot in three departments in Morriston, Singleton and Neath Port Talbot hospitals, a growing number of outpatients in the Princess of Wales Hospital in Bridgend are now being offered PKB access to their personal online health record.

ABMU is the first in Wales to offer patients PKB, but there is now growing interest from health boards across Wales.

ABMU has been working in partnership with Welsh Government which part-funded the early demonstrator pilot through its Efficiency Through Technology fund and NHS Wales Informatics Service (NWIS) which has helped to integrate PKB with national data systems.

Hamish Laing, chair of the PKB Project Board and former ABMU Medical Director, said:

“There is good evidence that giving patients greater access to their own health information and care plans, as well as other information about their health, helps them to take greater control of their health and offers us better ways to support them in doing so.”

Dr Mohammad Al-Ubayfii, chief executive of Patients Know Best said:

“The NWIS and PKB integration is the first time a nation has allowed the data to move anywhere with the patient. It’s great to work with the government of Wales to offer this progressive approach to patients.”

Cardiac outpatient Deborah Isidoro from Pencoed, started using PKB a few weeks ago.

After suffering a heart attack in 2016, aged just 49, she was one of the first cardiology patients offered PKB when it was launched in the Princess of Wales Hospital last month.

She said: “I like the way that I am now able to see my results online, so I’m better prepared ahead of an appointment. I’m able to think about the questions I want to ask ahead of speaking to my nurse.

“It gives me more understanding of what’s going on – it is empowering in a way. Before, I’d go to an appointment and be told about my results and it might not have been afterwards that I’d have thought of something I’d like to have asked. Now I am much better prepared.”

ABMU patients currently using PKB include cardiac and Parkinson’s, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease patients are also going live. However clinicians from many other specialties may also soon be offering PKB to their patients, as the roll out continues – with PKB being offered to patients throughout ABMU in diabetes, urology, Ears Nose and Throat and gastroenterology from this autumn.


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Link to the app's own website:


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That’s great news! I have that with the GP in London. It’s great can look at all the results anytime and can print them out. So useful.

"Patients Know Best" Gosh!

helvellaAdministrator in reply to Treepie

So long as it isn't meant to patronise (and I don't think that it is), it is recognition of the truth.

Treepie in reply to helvella

I agree .Surprised the medics thought so.

How interesting! I'm impressed that they are starting to recognise that. I remember my Dr shuddering when I asked for online access - he said - oh no - people couldn't cope and would find it stressful to know the truth......so good on Wales.

In the US most of the insurance companies here have digital access. I have humana insurance, plus Medicare (which is a joke), and i can access all my health records on-line. I have a thyroid test or whatever, and 2 days later it's posted to my account, where I can read it and if needed, can email my doctor and ask him questions. Also able to request prescritions, or whatever. Great service, i believe.

helvellaAdministrator in reply to sweetsusie

I think this is going a step further than some existing services by incorporating communication with consultants. Many now have access to GP surgery records.

We already have it here in Norwich. It's very useful

Duffy26 in reply to mogamed

Hi mogamed. Im just outside Norwich. I have online access and can order BP meds online but can only access blood test results which are within the last 60 days. I cannot access the consultation notes thw GP writes afterwards. Do you have a higher access than this?..thanks Duffy

mogamed in reply to Duffy26

You can only access it on a PC not on the phone app

Duffy26 in reply to mogamed

Yes i only log in from a PC :)

mogamed in reply to mogamed

I get to read all the notes the Dr the nurses and even the reception writes. I'm at mattishall surgery.

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