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laser treatment for Hashimoto?


Does anybody know of a clinic in the UK particularly in London that uses the laser to help with Hashimoto's? and any idea of the cost please ? is it really safe to have it and if its end of the Hashimoto?

Anybody has any experience for the result of laser treatment for hash

Research showed that the therapy lowers the antibodies.

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Excuse my ignorance, but what is the laser treatment supposed to do for Hashi's? I thought the laser destroyed the thyroid.

Hello, did you manage to find anyone who does the laser in the uk?

Hi. I had cold laser treatment for Hashimotos in Russia last autumn. As far as I know it isnt a treatment thats available in the UK. The technology most probably is though. It has had an impact on my thyroid function. I went down from 75/100mg to 50 every other day in about 4-6months. It was not without side effects though. I learned a lot along the way, especially after suffering the side effects. I found another doctor who used to use laser therapy for hashimotos but has moved away from it, because some patients, although rarely, like me suffered from very bad side effects. The laser basically works by stimulating the nerves under the skin, which in turn stimulate the thyroid to make more thyroid hormone. If you have a particularly sensitive or overstressed nervous system the laser may overstimulate it further leading to "fits" that are something between a panic attack and sensory overstimulation. They were very scary and lasted about 2 weeks, then reducing in frequency and severity.

I'm happy to have a chat about this in more detail, as I know people out there are desperate to find a solution, as I was. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos about a year and a half ago after my second baby was about 4 months old. My TSH was 10, then 73 then over 100, so all the doctors were keen to tell me I was a lost cause and would be on levo for ever. I wasn't keen on that and looked for solutions. The cold laser was a desperate experiment on myself, and I have come away learning a lot. Feel free to look me up on facebook. More than happy to share my experience and to haver a chat.

But bottom line is. It does stimulate the thyroid to make more hormones through stimulation of the nerves under the skin. In essence it switches on the sympathetic response of the nervous system. That in itself may not be desirable if the cause of your thyroid problems is chronic stress, as this was exactly what led to the problem in the first place. Laser is therefore not suitable for everyone and is not completely safe in every case. Had I not gone through this myself I would not have found out about the possible side effect. There is nothing on the internet or in any of the research papers, in English or Russian, that I read, which describe the side effects that I suffered.

The most important thing that I took away for myself is the important of the sympathetic/parasympathetic status of the nervous system on the thyroid. When we are in "fight or flight mode", the nervous system (primarily, not the hypothalamus, which is secondary) sends a signal to the thyroid that we need more energy to fight/run away from danger. This is done directly through the peripheral nervous system, which has a rich concentration of nerves connecting to the thyroid, as this is the organ responsible for making hormones needed for energy synthesis. When we are constantly in the sympathetic status over a long period of time, our thyroid begins to deplete from having to make the amount of thyroid hormone beyond its regenerative capacity. This is where thyroid tissue becomes depleted and ultimately begins to die. In order to allow the thyroid tissue to regenerate, it is important to maximise rest, reduce energy expenditure and generally put oneself into the parasympathetic mode for as long as possible. This reduces stress on the thyroid and allows for the usual reparative processes in the body to take place. We know that thyroid tissue regenerates from both animal studies and clinical examples when thyroid tissue regrows following surgical removal. This makes sense. Our skin heals when we cut ourselves. Our bones heal if we break a leg. Thy thyroid heals if stress on it is reduced. Since the purpose and function of the thyroid is to fascilitate energy synthesis, it makes sense that reducing energy expenditure allows for better conditions for thyroid regeneration to take place.



Wow Genia, thank you so much for such a great explanation. My thyroid problem is due to long term stress from a child, everything you said makes sense.

I have worked on my stress with lots of therapy and meditation, I guess I’m in a remission of sorts because I’ve been on the same medication dose for 20 years. Unfortunately I’ve not healed my condition though.

I’m tempted to go to Russia to have this but I only speak English so not sure this is wise.

How much did it cost?



Donnaca, hi. Im sorry to hear about the stress you've had. It sounds so familiar from other people with thyroid problems that I have met. I think there are some clinics in the US and Canada that use cold laser on the thyroid. The clinics I have come across online do physiotherapy and use the cold laser primarily for stimulating wound healing. Might be worth a google.

As far as cost is concerned, this is stupidly cheap. The laser machines cost maybe a couple of thousand dollars at most, so if a clinic is using this then per use cost is very low (not including whatever profits and overheads go on top of course). In Russia, in the city where I went to have this done 10 sessions of the laser cost around 30 USD, so three bucks a visit. Plus consultation. In Moscow it will be more. But bottom line is this is not expensive technology. Be it in Ryazan, Kentucky or Quebec.

Hello, I found a clinic that does it in London. The cost is £180 a session! crazy isn't it? I might buy myself a machine ha!

Which clinic is it?

You get acupuncture with it at the same time, they said they have good results with clients.

My anti bodies are really high so not sure stimulating my thyroid with this will actually help.

Thanks again for the information :) wish they had it in the U.K.

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