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Dr Micheal Moseley


Wondered if anyone watched the programme which showed the working of gut . His gut actually,with a camera passing through.

During the course of the programme it showed a man who had put in a lot of weight and was having surgery , gastric band. He said he was always hungery and felt a strong need to eat often .

I was interested having lost rather a lot of gut to cancer some years ago .

Ever since then maybe before , can’t remember , I would mention these awful hunger pangs I suffered to follow up appointments. Even if I had just had a large meal it was the same and it was very tiresome..

Since reading advice here I went gluton Free ,October last year, and guess what, it stopped the awful gnawing pain. I foolishly indulged recently and it returned. Never again, (3 days of toast was all it took, sourdough! maybe wheat rather than gluton?)

Just hoped it might help others writing of my experience and also whether it was actually that poor man’s problem. ?? Thanks to this forum 😘 all who take the trouble to post helpful info.

Life is so much more comfortable without gnawing 🙂✌🏼X

Hormones, you can’t see them or feel them but what little devils they can be if out of whack

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Thank you for posting.

For so very many patients on here gluten is a terrible hidden issue

Only by trying strictly gluten free diet can we actually find out if that is affecting us.

Glad to hear changing your diet has had such positive effect. You're definitely not alone.

Actually I felt like that when I gave up sugar and binged out on Easter Eggs. I was ill for a week but it took months to recover and stop that gnawing hunger that was tempting me to eat all the wrong things.

Hi so pleased for you I bat on about gut more than I like these days but you are so right, after putting in loads of weight around middle I found out I had "leaky gut" which can leak vitamins etc through tiniest pin holes, now I've healed gut (and flora) and cut out wheat it's all good! Whatever else is going on I'm sure it often all starts at the foundation level of gut , and after reading Dr Peatfield it's also to get rid of candida and parasites if present, (easy saliva test for candida test). yep, it's huge really, sadly doctors haven't the knowledge.........

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Hello Jeppy

I've only recently found out that 70-80% of our immune systems are in our gut; I was extremely surprised to read that but it makes so much sense now...….

I'm very interested to hear that you have managed to heal your 'leaky gut' - how did you find out that 'leaky gut' was the culprit? And how did you manage to heal it?

I told a GP decades ago that I thought that a lot of my symptoms could be attributed to a 'leaky gut' and they said 'your gut could not possibly leak...….'!

Enough said.

I told a GP decades ago that I thought that a lot of my symptoms could be attributed to a 'leaky gut' and they said 'your gut could not possibly leak...….'!

Doctors didn't believe in leaky gut decades ago. But lots of them do now.


If you want info on it you could search Google Scholar for "leaky gut" and restrict your search to, say, the last three years :



I'm sorry to be so tardy in thanking you for trying to help.

It's only a month since I tested the water and went gluten free, but I have also noticed that when I had gluten free sourdough bread (two different brands - Sainsbury's and M&S) my digestion was thrown awry again. Could it be my problem isn't gluten but wheat, or something else, I wonder, because I'm still eating the oats I already had in the house and they haven't caused me any issues. ANd when I've had flapjacks they've caused no problems, either? Unless it's just because the gluten contents of oats are much lower than wheat (if that's the case, I'm making wild guesses here to try and sort myself out).

Would be. Wheat. My daughter is diagnosed with wheat problem by NHS. Avoid. Only way.

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