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Blood tests


Thank you for your reassurance regards the blood tests - in reading all your posts just beginning to realise what a struggle this is - have been told I have Graves advised a protocol which included iodine afraid to ask anything anymore of that Advisor as will only get told off for not sticking to the said “ protocol “ but I am bang on all the symptoms for Hashimotos . Has the iodine I wonder caused even more by way of an inflammatory response .?Was told in 2016 all my bloods were normal clearly not advised Prozac which I declined . Ferritin now at 3 .....

I used to love my walks which I am not doing anymore - bed on my days off so I can at least keep some semblance of something going by way of work to keep my head above water.

Cannot wait to get some bloods done - TUK thank you 🎶

Promise not to babble on .

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Sounds like you really need your antibodies tested! Have you included any in your finger-prick test? Doctor's are far too fond of jumping to conclusions at the sight of a high TSH, without doing the appropriate tests!

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Definitely including thank you 😊

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You're welcome. :)

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