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Victory! It's not CFS for HEAVENS sake!

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Victory! This may be pertinent to some in this group. Where your GP is quick to slap a label of CFS/ME/Fibro on you and call it job done. These are all diagnoses of exclusion. And in my experience doctors are too quick to use these syndromes as a catch all without first FULLY exploring existing causes of our symptoms. In my case, b12, VitD, iron and folate deficiency. And as of today a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I recently obtained my medical notes and was horrified to find that a diagnosis of CFS had been put on my record as far back as 2011 and then again after I attended assessment at a specialist service. My issue with that is that everyone viewing my "compaints/symptoms" will view it in the context of that. "You expect fatigue and aches and pains with CFS". My protestations about my deficiencies have fallen on deaf ears for years. I decided not to accept it. I wrote to my GP demanding it be removed. They have not responded. I wrote to the CFS specialist service where I was assessed & while I don't fully agree with their assessment of what WAS the cause of my symptoms....I was freaking overjoyed to get this letter in the post today! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it GP!!!! (Photo of letter in comments).

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Well done for persevering. We know instinctively that something's not right when we cannot recover our health.

I like the final paragraph when they stated that they are frequently sent patients who have fatigue but don't have CFS.

Did you know that CFS and Fibro were only 'named' about ten years after the introduction of Levothyroxine and Blood tests? One of our Advisers stated that it was due to corruption (money being passed over) that both TSH and levo became the only way to diagnose rather than the patient's clinical symptoms as was done before blood tests and given NDT on trial.

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