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Changing from t4/t3 to dessicated natural thyroid


Has anyone managed to get a gp on board in the UK to change you to the dessicated natural thyroid. If so how do you work out what you would need as a similar dose to your original t4/t3. I did try discussing the change with one consultant who said you couldn't rely on the dosage being consistent. He also said he'd stop my t3 as he didn't believe people had a problem converting t4 to t3.


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Doctors like the one you consulted aren't "doctors" at all because doctors would be concerned that the patient is complaining of clinical symptoms and try to alleviate them.

Regarding NDT - it used to be prescribed in the UK but it has been withdrawn for a while now, despite it being in use, safely, since 1892 on and up until the present day with people forced to buy there own. It has been withdrawn through lies and misinformation.

It isn't helped by the following issued by the BTA and which one of our Advisers rebutted and wrote to them over three years for an answer. He never did get a response before he died.

It seems to me that decisions to withdraw essential medications for some people intolerant of levothyroxine and who can only recover with a T4/T3 combination, T3 only, or NDT are based on suggestions by Big Pharma rather than the expertise of endocrinologists as they are making very wrong decisions with regard to the treatment of those who cannot and do not recover on levo alone.

Many on the forum source their own NDT. To do so you'd have to put up a new post asking for a private message to be sent to you.

The more we read on the forum of 'what the experts stated' the more we realise that it is best to rely on our own instincts and provide our own hormones. We do get well then with the help/advice of those who've recovered despite the woeful guidelines which are not guides at all but stipulations to doctors who are threatened with their Licence being withdrawn if they don't toe the line.


Just to give you a guide one grain of ndt is the same as 74 mcgs of thyroxine and 25 mcgs of t3.

I take ndt and it’s more expensive than t3 given you have free t4 if on prescription.

I followed the guide by Sarah Myhill on her web page. If you google her name and search under orchestra it will tell you how to monitor your temperatures chart them and check if adrenals are wobbly. After your diet vitamins and absorbtion are really good.

Some people can swap ndt easily others can’t. So if you decide on one ( not easy) but best to get one that appears to be from a reliable source.

Have sent you a message.

Good luck.

I have been on T4 for 11 years. Recently my cortisol sank to 68. And I just cannot take T4 anymore. Or it knocks me off my feet literally. I persuaded my Prof to let me go private for NDT. However that hasn’t worked either exact same effect. My next issue is to try T3. At costing £600 month I can’t afford it. So I’m going to try for NHS??? It’s all too much of a struggle. Probably to do with costs.

I’m normally fit and energetic. But now I’m house bound. I keeping positive but it’s so damn hard.

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