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Endo recommendations


I was looking for some guidance. I have had underactive thyroid for over 12 years, and have never felt well. I have had all the symptoms, but bloods always come back ‘in range’, although my T3 is always on the low side.

Recently I had a D102 genetic test done, which suggests I don’t produce enough T3 and would benefit from it.

My dr has referred me to see an Endo, which I am going to use my private insurance for. I am looking for guidance as to what information I should take with me?

Also, has anyone had any success with the following Endo’s? I don’t want this to be another wasted trip to see an Endo. My choices are:

Paul Jenkins

Jesse Kumar

Paul Ryan

Any advice or guidance would be greatly appreciated. I’m sick of feeling so poorly. I did also have a cortisol saliva test which suggested Adrenal Exhaustion (as cortisol was high .

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The guidelines state that no information regarding doctors or endocrinologists or where to source thyroid hormones are permitted on the open forum.

However, those who have information can send a Private Message to you. Therefore, just in case some might respond on the forum, I will close your post and private messages will be sent to you.

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