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Multivitamin without iron


Hey guys , so many posts about multivitamins - and after taking your advice on board and searching I discovered this one and I am really impressed with it !

It seems to have all the right ingredient in right form and decent amount !

I barely finished first bottle and I felt so much better within days !

Hope this helps

Ps: tablets are very big and fail tasting but easily broken in half and once swallowed there is no after taste


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Apart from the fact that it contains 150mcg iodine in the form of Potassium Iodide, as pointed out in reply to your other post. Not a good idea for us hypos, definitely a no-no for anyone with Hashi's. And if anyone is thinking of using this supplement, please test for iodine deficiency first (best test is Genova Diagnostics END25 urine iodine test) and only supplement with iodine if you are found to have a deficiency. If you are iodine deficient then supplementation should only be done under the supervision of an experienced practioner.

Glad your feeling better.

It's sold out now; on that link you provided! Lol

in reply to Supul

Yes I saw , dont m ow about any other place to buy from but maybe it’s sold elsewhere

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