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can anyone help?

I have had a thyroid problem since I was 22 I am now 41 life went ok once they got me under control as I also had other medical problems to get under control, I was overactive and then had radioactive iodine which worked and i went underactive, the last 4 years have been hell, my weight has just gone out of control, I feel shaky, palpitations, I get alot of headaches and swellings in my hands and feet, I was fine on 100mcg of thyroxine till the thyroid went funny and I was put on 125mcg and since then I have never felt well, and the weight I put on was awful, I was told by the doctor that I was supposed to lose weight not gain it very confused and bloods have come back all ok any ideas anyone xxxx

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Without knowing what your actual thyroid test results are, it's difficult to comment usefully.

If you were fine on 100mcg, maybe you could discuss with your GP about going back to that dose? Another possibility is that the particular brand of thyroxine you're taking is not working for you. It might be worth asking your pharmacist to supply a different brand, or take your prescription to a different pharmacy.


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