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What are your experiences with allergies??

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Hi everyone,

Just wondered what your experiences are with allergies/intolerances. I've always been egg intolerant since I was little but over the last maybe 5-6 years and particularly the last year I've developed several. Almonds, celery, sulphites, cows milk (possible all dairy) pet fur, and more recently the sun with polymorphic light eruption. These are the ones I'm aware of. I wonder if it is all hashimoto's related? Is It common to develop allergies with hashimoto's?

Pet fur and the sun for example would this cause an immune reaction and hashi antibodies?

Have you noticed more allergies since being diagnosed? And what are yours?

Diane x

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Hi Diane17884

I have developed allergies to several antibiotics, which I discovered when being treated for ear infections, due to a Cholesteatoma. Before that, I was only allergic to penicillin. I, also, cannot tolerate feathers so had to throw out my duvet and pillows. I am sure it is somehow connected to the autoimmunity issue.



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Diane17884 in reply to siddooo1

Yes I think so too. It's only now after being diagnosed that so many pieces of the puzzle are coming together. Although I guess it also makes it easier to blame hashimoto's for most things haha. Just find it strange that these allergies can come out of nowhere.

It is interesting though but I'm also slightly concerned as I have a little pug and he brings me out in hives. Could never part with him though he's my baby lol

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Rmichelle in reply to Diane17884

Hi Diane, yes i too blame hashis and my graves for everything-i am celiac so cannot have any gluten and i do not eat soya. I cannot eat celery as this effects my bladder and brings me out in a rash on my hands, i had always used a particular cleanser on my face but i cannot use that any longer. Also fluffy soft blankets with bring me out in welts-all this happened when diagnosed being hyper-ooh and less tolerant of the heat as my body thermostat as gone crazy.😊😊

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Diane17884 in reply to Rmichelle

I've went gluten, egg, soya and dairy free. Not sure if I react to gluten and soya but won't do any harm and it's definitely improved my gut. I'm also intolerant to heat and cold. Nightmare isn't it. My boyfriend takes the mick about me blaming hashi for everything haha

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Peanut31 in reply to Diane17884

Yep I’ve got loads of food intolerances, and I’ve got Hashimoto’s too. This would explain why I felt bad after I had eaten.

I did an in-depth food intolerance blood test, cost me a small fortune (via nutritionist) but, it’s definitely helped.

Banana was one of the culprits, I thought I would introduce that back into my diet, oh my word, big mistake, I was so tired, brain fog, spent the time after I had eaten it in bed.

Mushrooms, and sweet corn another culprit of tummy issues.

Cranberries came up high as well, even though I don’t eat them, cows milk and gluten as well.

I’m gluten free, I’ve introduced dairy back, not drinking milk etc, but certain things contain milk and I’ve not noticed an issue.

Gluten free will be for life as, I got trouble tummy pains, and bloating and my tummy felt bruised.

I’m also allergic to pet hair, which I known from being very young. My eyes start itching and swell up and I have a runny nose.

Best wishes


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Diane17884 in reply to Peanut31

Hi peanut,

It's weird you say that about bananas as I've recently stopped eating them. I felt fatigued and brain fog after doing so. Used to have a banana a day and be fine :S Mine also just seems to be cows milk as I've been okay with yogurt and cheese which I find very odd but I read it can be the casein. I decided just to be dairy free as a precaution for now. Will look into reintroduction down the line. I miss cheese so bad! Lol

I Would love to get allergy testing done, must be so much easier knowing what you can and can't eat. But yes it's very expensive.

Thanks for replying, definitely seems to be hashi related doesn't it x

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Peanut31 in reply to Diane17884

This place does it for £99.00, don’t know if any good though.


Best wishes


I was diagnosed intolerant to wheat, chicken and eggs before hypo. Once the TPO's rose I had to avoid gluten, dairy and soya as well. I also began to suffer from hay fever. This year I started taking a small amount of T3 and my hay fever issues have virtually disappeared!

I can now tolerate hard cheese and butter and have Arla Lactofree milk and cream.

As is often said on here, autoimmune issues hunt in packs!

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Diane17884 in reply to crimple

Thanks for replying :) Yes your not wrong there! But that's great news about the hay-fever must be a relief x

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Peanut31 in reply to crimple

I can’t wait to introduce T3, I’ve been feeling awful on Levothyroxine. At the beginning I was ok, I’m on 100 mcg currently.

Then last week, oh my gosh,I was bed ridden Wednesday no energy, Thursday I managed to get out of bed but, suffered a panic attack (don’t normally have them) plus I’ve got neck and shoulder stiffness big time.

The neck stiffness has never gone away since being diagnosed. My Endocrinologist who was a much use as a chocolate fire guard reckoned it was to do with Epstein Barr virus I had. Well, when I pointed out that I wasn’t any better after taking his anti virus medication, he didn’t know what to say.

My results show that my T3 is lagging behind and as we have Hashimoto’s we don’t convert T4 to T3.

Someone also supplied me with some information on fibromyalgia, having research that further, neck stiffness etc, definitely sounds like me. It also stated that adding T3 will help the condition.

I’ve got a thyroid blood test on Monday, then I will see how I’m converting, after that I’m straight on the T3, introducing it slowly.

I tried to raise this point with my GP about converting but, he was having none of it.

So I’ve source T3 myself, as we all know it’s a hot topic at the moment and patients are being left without any.

Best wishes


The current thinking is that Hashimotos stems from a leaky gut, which is caused by food intollerances. I think I've read that the number of foods you are intollerant to can grow over time. If you cut those foods out, and work on healing your gut, you will eventually be able to reintroduce them though.

Follow a gut healing diet for a while, and introduce probiotics, and you should improve with time.

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Diane17884 in reply to Cooper27

Hi Cooper,

Thank you. Yes I've cut everything out and seen a big improvement in my gut. So fingers crossed I can reintroduce particularly the cheese/sulphites. I miss cheese and wine haha.

I tried to take biomel (100% natural, dairy, gluten soya free probiotic drink) but think it was a little too soon and my stomach didn't react very well to it. But I'm going to try again :)

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Cooper27 in reply to Diane17884

From what i've heard, there are 5 different types of probiotics, and you may need to try different ones to see what works best for you.

Clever Guts or the gut makeover are books that are worth looking into - you need to actively eat gut healing foods in addition to the probiotics.

Know what you mean about missing dairy... I just miss cheese!

I honestly have no idea what I'm allergic to as I've had random rashes and hives since I was a baby.

I know I'm allergic to penicillin, have some sort of problem with gluten and I've started getting a bit of hay fever for the last couple years. No clue what the secret ones are though as I'm permanently having a low level reaction to... something/s 😁

Edit: Oh and plaster adhesive, cheap elastane, and some fabric dressings (WTH?)

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