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Looks good so far


Well my TSH level was 4.39 and my Specialist said it’s perfect and to come back in a month for another TSH level. Been without any thyroid medication for three months, taking 2.5 of Bystolic once a day for high blood pressure. Still have headaches that come and go but more coming than staying away more... ugh! Well let’s see how long I stay at this level just don’t want to go through graves again or a Thyroid storm. Trying to stay positive.

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Hello there in Texas!! Sara do not worry you will not in any danger of having a thyroid storm or graves with a tsh level of 4.30-what is the range? Your tsh would be around 0.5 etc for hyper😊 i know you are still suffering at the moment and still not seem to be getting nowhere with your specialist as she just turns her deaf ears on, alot of people here will tell you that tsh alone is useless as you need your ft3 ft4 done alongside tsh-my endo goes nuts if tsh just get done as it says nothing really-could you not get these done to privatley-for peace of mind? It's shocking that you are being neglected but it is a sad situation as i think she is taking your hard earned cash and laughing.

Have you for certain got high blood pressure? or was it just taken on the day of visiting your specialists surgery when you may have felt anxious and nervous about being there-i think she should have sent you home for 7 days with a blood pressure monitor for a accurate reading-in the uk most medics will give the 7 day testing before giving out blood pressure meds as we can have white coat syndrome( anxious about being at doctors/hospitals). 🌟🌟

Yesterday I went to a lab for my blood to be drawn as requested by my Medical Doctor and she requested a lot, so hopeful my free 4 and 3 will be there so I can see where I’m at. And your right I should have had a blood pressure monitor to monitor my blood pressure before prescribing me medication, as I had been without meds for a week and I’m sure the med was out of my system since I was checked and it was 135 at my Specialist..... but just this last week it was 177/97 but I was nervous... well the Doctor said to go back on Bystolic Of 2.5 mg once a day, my thyroid Doctor thinks it’s just me being nervous that causes my high blood pressure to go up, she says that cause high blood pressure but see what happens when I go back to get checked with my Doctor next week again. I’m glad your doing good as I’ve read your post. Your in my prayers my friend, and thanks so much❤️

I have both Graves and Hashimoto but am no longer taking Methamizole for 3 months since my levels on my TSH were around 7.76 and 4.71 so the Specialist told me to stop. I’m going next month on another reading on my TSH and she will tell me where I’m at. Thanks so much Angel of the North.

Please say to them you want a monitor!! You maybe taking them meds when they are not needed? Hope you get it all sorted let me know how you get along. God bless Sara😊

If you feel well, that's fine, but it is a much higher TSH than most healthy people have, so you are going hypo now. But it's free T4 and free T3 that really tell you how your thyroid is doing. Did you definitely have Graves (with TSI or TRab antibodies), not the hyper period of Hashis (with TPO or TG antibodies)?


Essential to test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 too as well as both TPO and TG antibodies

Just testing TSH is completely inadequate. You need FT4 and FT3 tested too

Looking at strictly gluten free diet if not already on one

Ideally ask GP for coeliac blood test first





Thanks so much for all the information it’s very needed.

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