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Husbands rapid weight loss

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Good morning All!

My husband is hypo, and has been a steady weight for years. He is nearly 70. Recently he has lost about a pound a day for the last couple of weeks, and is now quite worried, as am I. He does have a doctors appointment on the 13th of this month. In the meantime, I think he may have gone overactive. I know that it is possible for some people to need less medication in the summer months, and it has been very hot for the last couple of weeks. Any thoughts dear friends??

Love to All

Sheenah xxxx

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If he's hypo, he can't 'go over-active', it doesn't work that way.

He could, of course, be over-medicated, but it wouldn't happen suddenly, like that. How much levo is he taking?

Or, he could have Hashi's. Do you know if he has had his antibodies tested?

Does he have any other symptoms, apart from weight-loss? Is he still eating normally - normal for him, that is?

Frankly, if you're really worried - and you know him best - you should see if you can't get an emergency appointment with the doctor. Or go to A&E. Because I'm not sure anyone on here has the competence to help you. x

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sheenah in reply to greygoose

Thanks Grey Goose,

It hasn't happened suddenly really its been coming on slowly but is now speeding up. No he has lost his appetite which is not like him. He could be over-medicated- we do NDT rather than levo. I am keeping a very close eye on him. Thanks again x

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greygoose in reply to sheenah

You're welcome. :)

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