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miscarriage and thyroid problems

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Hello all, This is my first posting here.

I am 33y old living in south London. I had my first miscarriage Dec 2016. I presumed it was just chance but later found out my TSH level was 4.9.

Now thankfully I am about 5 weeks pregnant and my TSH level is 3.9, with T4 17. My GP does not think I need to take any thyroxine but I have heard confliciting advice.

I do not have private insurance but I think seeing a private endocrinologist would be a better option for me. what do you all think ? or if anyone was in similar position please advice.



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As you have already suffered a miscarriage, and as the grandmother of 4 babies who were lost due to miscarriage because of undiagnosed hypothyroidism, I would urge you to push your GP (or see another one) to take this seriously. TSH apparently should be below 2 during pregnancy according to the British Thyroid Association


There is probably lots more evidence that you could find, search on here and Google.

HI Susie,

Thankyou for advice. I have made several appointments with GP and I have started 50mcg levothyroxine but can only get appointment with an endocrinologist after few months.

I want to see an endocrinologist privately. he/ she may increase or alter the dose of levothyroxine.

Any recommendations for private endocrinologist in wimbledon/ london area ?

I tried Dr Kevin shotcliff ( Endocrinology consultant ) but he is on annual leave.



p.s thyroiduk.org.uk/tuk/guidel...

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SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to poman482


You can email Dionne for the list of thyroid friendly endos


Also, make a new post asking for recommendations (make clear area in your thread title). And for any on the TUK list ask for feedback from members. Replies will have to be by private message as we can't discuss individual doctors on the open forum.

As for your GP, I would see a different one, one who actually cares whether your pregnancy is successful.

Hi, sorry for your loss and fingers crossed this is your rainbow... I hope u don't mind me following as I have had 7losses now all before 7weeks and assumed it was my immune system as I have Sjorgens and endometriosis /adenomyosis but just found out i have Hashimotos.. I am picking up my results this evening so don't know my levels but was put on levothyroxine a few weeks ago.. My gp said levothyroxine could in fact help me get and stay pregnant as having an over active or under active thyroid is a common cause of mc. Others have advised me tsh needs to be below 2.5, but new to this so am trying to learn more.. I think I would go back to your Dr with your concerns.

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poman482 in reply to Caliendria

Hi Caliendria, I am sorry for your losses as well. I hope the levothyroxine which you have started taking will help you.

Yes, on my previous post I have attached the Lothian guidance for thyroid issues in antenatal period.

Ishall keep updates on this thread.

Hope things turn out well for both of us.



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