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Apparently ADs cause osteoporosis

So , when your GP tries ot tell you that you aren't hypo and just need ADs, you can say "No, thanks, I don't want osteoporosis"

"Bone strength is controlled by special cells called osteoclasts and osteoblasts. Osteoclasts are the cells that tear down bone. Osteoblasts are the cells that rebuild and strengthen bone. Both are important for bone strength, because it's through this remodeling process of tearing down and rebuilding bone that it maintains its strength. So, what does this have to do with SSRIs?

It's because SSRIs work by interfering with the actions of the neurotransmitter (brain chemical) called serotonin. Recently, researchers discovered that both osteoclasts and osteoblasts have receptors for serotonin. That means that because the SSRIs are interfering with serotonin function, they are also interfering with bone metabolism.

So, not surprisingly, when they grew osteoclasts and osteoblasts with SSRIs, they found out that the cells were inhibited by the drugs. ... not only did the drugs shut down the bone-maintaining activity of the cells, they also caused them to die"

ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/229... (it's a meta study) and newscientist.com/article/21...

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Sounds about right, along with the usual low Vitamin D probably lead to the "low TSH causes osteoporosis" myth :D

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