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Blood test options


I'm planning to contact some of the doctors from America and have online consultation but I guess getting all recommended test will be challenging. Is there any lab which is doing blood or stool test by receiving parcels from abroad? I live in Dublin and I assume that it will not be easy to convince Gp to give me all the tests based on recommendation from another doctor.

Did somebody try the same?

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I might be able to find the labs recommended by Izabella Wentz "The Thyroid Secret". Do you intend to pay for the tests? This tells which lab tests to have and what the best levels would be.

I'm not in the UK but you can get all the thyroid tests done privately through Medichecks.


Hi Heloise. I will pay but I'm searching how to get test which I need in one place. I saw those links long time ago but I think I will need other kind of testing also. Thank you for reply :-)


Hi Nina. I would be interested which doctors you are considering consulting with here across the pond. I don't want to be discouraging but before you spend a lot of money I would say we have some excellent docs who understand good thyroid care; also some good ones, some average, and some who are very mediocre drifting to abysmal. Probably similar percentages in all categories as those in the UK. Many of our problems are the same: Doctors who think TSH and T4 test results should be the barometer for treatment rather than how the patient actually feels. And great reliance on T4 meds without understanding the importance of T3, Vitamin levels, antibody presence/adsence etc. Just my opinion. Hopefully others will add their 2 cents and their experiences so you can make the best decision for yourself. Good luck and take care. irina (Atlanta US) PS Another thought. Advertising is king over here and if you are attracted to a particular doc 's advertisement bear in mind the biggest advertisers aren't always the best choice. IMO, 'truth in advertisinf' is a concept that is not practices as scrupulously as it once was.


Hi Irina. I noticed that marketing is a big deal to them and sometimes it has oppositte effect on me. I prefer to listen to those who are more realistic. Dr Justin Marchegiani and Dr. David Clark seem to have good knowledge so I would like to give a try. At the moment I'm self medicating and would like to hear expert's opinion after some time. Thank you for sharing an advice. Take care:-)

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Your very welcome. I'm with you on the advertising. There are many good health oriented websites and I get quite a few newsletters. But I tend to ignore ones where before you can get to the health info you have to wade through a lot of sales pitches about their supplements, programs, and so on . They are usually overpriced, you don't know what you're getting , and the marketing sounds like they are the only ones with decent products. Very annoying. I will look up those 2 docs. Always good to have as much resource info as possible,😊


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