Multibionta vitamins and Thyroxine

Good morning, i have been doing some research on hashimotos thyroidism and have seen that its recommended to have a probiotic a day and vitamins!? Is this correct!? If so do i wait a couple of hours after taking thyroxine to have them and is Multibionta ok, as that has a probiotic in them along with the vitamins and minerals needed?


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It is definitely NOT recommended to take a multivitamin. For several reasons. One of them being that you should not take everything together, like that, if you want to absorb anything. Some things should be taken with food, some not. And if it contains iron, that will wipe out everything else. Other reasons are, there's never enough of anything to deal with a true deficiency, and the ingredients are rarely the most easily absorbed, there are things you don't want, etc. ect. etc. Telling people to 'take vitamins' is about as helpful as telling them to 'get enough sleep' - what? When? How much?

What you should do, is get your vit D, vit B12, folate and ferritin tested, and just take what you need, in sufficient quantities, as indicated by the test results. Once you have those four main nutrients in hand, you can add in other things, as needed.

So, if you get those tested, and post the results on here, with the ranges, people will help you understand them, and make suggestions for supplementing. :)

I had all those bloods done on Monday and got my results back and they said i am all in range and don't need any supplement! Having said that i am feeling better today as i am not as stressed and they say with Hashimotos stress doesn't help when you have this!? Thanks again for your advice πŸ‘

Doctors have no idea whether you need to supplement or not! I would never take a doctors word for it, because they don't 'do' nutrition at school. The results may all be in range, but that doesn't mean they're optimal. If I were you, I would post the results here, and let others have a look.

Ok will ask for a print out now 😊

Good. :)

So ive just been and altho i was told yest that everything was back and ok ive just been told by the receptionist that my b12 liver function and iron aren't back yet??? 😀😀

Ive just added a photo of my results that ive got.


Absolutely agree with Greygoose. Looking at the ingredients of Multibionta it does contain iron so makes the other rubbish useless.

It contains 100mcg iodine which we shouldn't take unless tested and found to be deficient.

It contains folic acid where methylfolate is the better form.

It contains Magnesium oxide which is the least available form.

It doesn't tell you what forms of B12 and Vit D are used, which generally means it's the wrong form.

I could go on. Just don't use it!

Thank you very much 😊. I can take a probiotoc drink tho can't i? Its helping with my gut! Pineapple and brazil nuts are also good for you aren't they?

Lottie, I'll copy and paste a reply I made to another post about Brazil nuts this morning. They're OK in moderation for good fat but as for selenium -

Getting the right amount of selenium from Brazil nuts is very difficult for these reasons:

To contain any selenium at all, they have to be grown in selenium rich soil.

The packet has to say they have been grown in selenium rich soil.

Different areas have different levels of selenium in their soil so you'd need to know where they were actually grown -

A small nut would contain less than a large nut.

So I always say that to ensure you know exactly how much selenium you are getting then take a supplement, eating Brazil nuts is guesswork at best, will give you no selenium at worst.


I don't know of any reason not to eat pineapple.


Probiotics are fine, I tried three brands before I found one that was some help with my constipation. The different strains of bacteria have different functions so we need to find what suits us.

If you really want a quality probiotic with no rubbish then learn to make kefir from grains (see specialist suppliers) or powder (Dr Myhill sells these on her website). Both are fine with milk or with alternatives like coconut milk. Start to add this gradually to your system and increase to three portions a day. Add in fermented veg that is homemade too and you have no need of tablets that have questionable benefits. The internet is full of kefir and fermented veg info.

And yes I agree with the posts above take individual good quality supplements introducing one at a time.

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