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Lower blood pressure on Thybon Liothyronine

I started taking thybon (Liothyronine from Germany) a couple of months ago and have felt well on it. Had my blood pressure checked yesterday and it had dropped down to 118/84 which is absolutely amazingly good for me, never been known since it was tested. While being a bit more active in the last couple of weeks would have helped and would having got up only an hour before have made a difference? But never made this much difference before. Has anyone else taking Thybon found it changed blood pressure?

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I've had a somewhat similar experience. My pulse was high when I was more hypo, and has been coming down and down as I increase my dose.

Everything in your body should be getting closer to ideal as you get well medicated. Thyroid hormone is needed by every cell and organ in the body, so they'll all work better once you've got enough of it.


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